Innovative mobile application makes an appointment for a medical check up for customers with Health Insurance
17 February 2016

Mobile application B-Assist is available for customers of "Bulstrad Life Vienna Insurance Group" with "Health Care" insurance.

Bulstrad Life Vienna Insurance Group is already a Solely Owned Joint Stock Company
26 January 2016
The full name of the company is Insurance Solely Owned Joint Stock Company (ZEAD) Bulstrad Life Vienna Insurance Group Solely Owned Joint Stock Company (EAD) and the sole owner of the share capital is Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group.
Svetla Nestorova was elected as Chairperson of the Managing Board of the Association of the Bulgarian Insurers
11 December 2015
A CEO of a life-insurance company chairs the Association for the first time in its history.
The „Health Care” Insurance is specially developed to ensure an accessible and reliable health care and opportunities for using wide range of medical services at the territory of Bulgaria. Our "Health Care" customers receive a direct access to the best specialists and medical facilities in the country for the package of services preferred, which can be additionally customized as per current needs for health protection.
Health Insurance “PREMIUM” enables quick, easy and reliable twenty-four-hour access to high-quality medical service in Bulgaria and all over the world. You can choose between four distinctive levels of insurance covers and four specific zones of territorial scope of coverage, while adding additional modules for more comfort...
The Financial Assurance Plan has been created to assist your dreams, plans and future goals. It has the potential to be an excellent way to save the earnings gained in your active years. By accruing additional capital, it ensures supplementary funds and solid income ...
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